SGA Encourages Ethical Policy Change Sophomore class representatives (pictured above) are hopeful that this proposal will start a conversation about being ethically aware of our everyday choices among the community at Eastern.
Dedicated to Christ: The Legacy of Dr. Hall Dr. Hall and Duffy Robbins
Saluting Our Seniors Lizzie Vollmer, Heather McBride, and Katie Simpson
Men’s LAX Eyes Strong Finish Dez Decker and Grant Ferguson celebrate a goal.
Features Dr. Hall and Duffy Robbins

Dedicated to Christ: The Legacy of Dr. Hall

When Dr. Christopher Hall first arrived at Eastern University’s McInnis Hall to teach undergraduate classes in the fall of 1991, he had no idea what God had in store for him. During the past 24 years he has not only served Eastern as a distinguished professor, but also as Provost, […]

A&E 25th Spring Dance Concert Upcoming

25th Spring Dance Concert Upcoming

A lot can be accomplished in 25 years. Eastern has built a dance program from the ground up in that amount of time. They have trained 25 years of dancers “on physical, intellectual, social and emotional levels anchored in Christian spirituality, which helps to shape a well-rounded and grounded dance […]


Educating Justly

Education Inequality in Philadelphia This semester, I drive into inner-city Philadelphia five days a week to student-teach at an urban school. This is the final requirement that I must complete in order to graduate in May with a degree in music education, and the experience has been difficult, eye-opening and […]

Sports Erica Pyla-Gibson catches a fly ball.

Softball Battles Mother Nature, Emerges With 3-3 Conference Record

Since their return from Arizona, the softball team has run into a string of hardships including tough matchups, conference enemies and Mother Nature herself. Due to the amount of snow and rain in the St. David’s area, the team has played a limited number of games since March 8. In […]