Housekeeping Staff Appreciation Is Ongoing The Housekeeping Staff was honored during appreciation chapel this fall.
The “Chapel Sessions” From left to right: Emily Bristel, Emily Strout, and Laura Thomas
Do-It-Yourself Christmas Gifts Do-It-Yourself Christmas Gifts
Features Steve Sanders, Observatory Administrator

Staff Spotlight: Steve Sanders

Observatory Administrator at Eastern At the risk of sounding like an Eastern University advert, Steve Sanders, resident star nerd and astronomy sage, raves about our school’s community: “The reason why I love it here? Community, community, community; it’s why I’m still here.” If you’ve contemplated the heavens in any of […]

A&E David Bryant

Eastern University Winter Music Festival

Eastern University’s Winter Music Festival took place on November 21 and 22. The festival included performances from Eastern’s Wind Ensemble, Flute Ensemble, String Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, MIDI Ensemble, Jazz Band, St. Davids Orchestra, Turning Point, Angels of Harmony, and the University Choir.


Letter to the Editor

From Rick Jonsen Housekeeping staff appreciation day had special meaning this year when Allison Cox and hundreds of other students decided to replicate an action that Shane Claiborne and the Eastern students of his era took: take over St. David’s campus housekeeping duties for a day so the housekeeping staff […]

Sports Sixers Win a Game, Birds Keep City Sane

Sixers Win a Game, Birds Keep City Sane

Thank God for the Eagles. The Birds have been a rare bright spot in what has been a relatively dark year for Philadelphia’s professional sports teams. The quick recap: the Sixers continue with Tank, Round Two and have only twomore NBA victories this season (as of this writing) than I […]